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Hey all, I’m assuming you’ve read Part One of my trip in Marrakech, if you haven’t then do so quickly here. :) I’m going to try and keep this last part short and sweet with lots of good info.

I know when you go onto websites like Tripadvisor etc, there’s all these threads about the dress code in certain countries. The only advice I can give is honestly just to use your common sense. Morocco is a Muslim country, but also very hot, so I didn’t think it was really that much of an issue. In the day I would wear sundresses/maxi’s, flowy wide leg trousers, lots of cami tops, and things along those lines. Nothing too tight, as it’s hot anyway, and you always want to keep it cute and be respectful. When we went for dinner or out in the night, we were all in dresses and heels etc. If your top is really low cut (like mine was one night), then wear a kimono or shawl to cover up until you get to dinner or the club. Simple! (if you want to see more of what I wore on nights out take a look at my insta).

This brings me nicely onto my next topic of the Medina, which is the craziest place you will ever experience. It doesn’t matter if you were in a full Niqab or whatever, they will know you’re a foreigner and will pounce on you. We couldn’t take a step without someone screaming at us to look in their stall, or calling us sister of Beyonce or Rihanna lol. Obviously, if someone says you look like Beyonce then it’s only polite to give them a moment of your time, but once you stop and look they will make it hard for you to leave. Make sure you’re confident with haggling, always say at least half of the first price they give and work your way from there. I left with bags of herbs & spices, some beautiful clay bowls and bottles of Argan Oil, which they claimed could cure every ailment from scarring to hair loss. Having trouble sleeping? Put a few drops of Argan on your pillow. Stretch marks? Rub some Argan on the affected area. Weak nails? Argan. Dry scalp? Argan. Basically Argan is for everything, and between us I’m sure we left with about fifteen bottles.

The last time we were with Amin for the whole day, was when he convinced us to go on some mountain excursion. First off we stopped at a Berber house, where they gave us tea (I LOVE morroccan tea omg it’s amazing) and they had their little shop. For some reason we didn’t bring any money out, so Amin paid for all the things we wanted. I’m the kind of person to spend silly money on shiny things, and I got a box made out of camel bone lol. I’m not exactly sure what I planned to do with it but right now it’s sitting comfortably in my kitchen.

Afterwards I was given the name ‘Khadija’ and they wrapped blue material around our heads, so basically we looked very cute and Berber and took pictures and all that jazz. Simone had never been on a camel so she rode one around the village and Chereece took pictures. Random fact: when we went to Egypt in 2009, Chereece thought it would be a fun climb on a any old camel, and then after her ride the man demanded all sorts of payment. If it wasn’t for our Egyptian friend who worked in the hotel, she would have had to pay a very silly price. So always remember to make a local friend! We had food etc etc and basically when we got to the Atlas Mountains, it took a lot of persuading on Amin’s part to actually get us to the top. You know when they show pictures of mountain ranges TV? That’s exactly what this thing looked like. It was just huge rock in every direction and Amin was trying to get us to a waterfall. Monty threw a hissy fit lol but we carried on climbing. Looking back it’s funny because he recruited his friends to help us up climb up rocks and boulders. Please note that the mountain never ends, and there is always more to climb. After stopping at a cafe cut into the rock for tea, we finally started descending. The view on the way down really was breathtaking though. The scenery looked very biblical with all these winding rocky paths and small mosques dotted around. Imagine having a chat about religion and life with your new Moroccan best friend, it was very cute. Please refer to Google so you can see what I’m talking about, because I’m not sure if I’m expressing how ridiculous the climb actually was.

My last night in Marrakech was spent at dinner at The Four Seasons Hotel. I had a lobster and pasta dish, but if I’m totally honest the food wasn’t all that. Secretly the only thing I drank on this holiday was Fanta! Anyone who’s been to Africa/is from an African country knows that it tastes a million times better than the British version. So I didn’t even bother with a glass of wine lol I just kept getting cans of fizz. The hotel itself was obviously lovely and amazing, and inspired the conversation we had over dinner. How could you not think about being successful when you’re eating outside in one of the prettiest hotels!

It’s always sad to leave when you’ve had a great week, but it’s better to go on a good note than have a dragged out ten day holiday. Morocco is only four hours away so I think next year calls for a weekend trip, it’s really not that far! I think I’ve covered everything but of course if you have any questions please leave a comment below :)
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7 Nights in Marrakech: Part Two Hey all, I’m assuming you’ve read Part One of my trip in Marrakech, if you haven’t then do so quickly…

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